Key Signatures

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Key signatures refer to the group of sharps or flats shown at the beginning of sheet music - and usually on each line of the page.

C major (and A minor) has a key signature with no sharps or flats:


Sharps or flats are added for different keys. Each pair of relative majors + minors have the same signature.

The sharp keys are these:

key-sig-g.png key-sig-d.png key-sig-a.png key-sig-e.png key-sig-b.png key-sig-fsharp.png

Notice: the major key is always a semitone higher than the last sharp.

And the flat keys are these:

key-sig-f.png key-sig-bflat.png key-sig-eflat.png key-sig-aflat.png key-sig-dflat.png key-sig-gflat.png

Notice: the major key is always the second-last flat.

The last key signatures of F sharp and G flat are enharmonic - using the same keys called by different names. And you may see 7 flats or sharps too, though this is rare!