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Notes make the sound happen! They come in all pitches and lengths, and along with rests, fit together to make music. Also see note reading to help work out pitch.

The basic note types are:

note-semi-breve.png 4 beats = semi-breve 
note-minim.png 2 beats = minim 
note-crotchet.png 1 beat = crotchet 
note-quaver.png 1/2 beat = quaver 

A dot . behind the note increases by a half

note-dotted-minim.png dotted minim = 3 beats 
note-dotted-crotchet.png dotted crotchet = 1.5 beats 

Another beam/tail on top of note decreases by half

note-quaver.png 1 beam = 1/2 beat  
note-quavers-beam.png 1/2 x 2 can be grouped together
note-semi-quaver.png 2 tails = 1/4 beat = semi-quaver 
note-semi-quavers-beam.png 1/4 x 4 can be grouped together
note-demi-semi-quaver.png 3 tails = 1/8 beat = demi-semi-quaver 

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The video below shows how different note lengths look: